Retaining Wall Landscaping in Kenner

Using retaining walls to create protection from erosion or manage sloped ground is a common choice in landscaping.

Whether your design is out of necessity or aesthetic, the final project should be sound and beautiful for your landscape in Kenner. Look to a Perkins Landscaping specialist to enjoy remarkable hardscapes guaranteed to increase the value of your space.

As you embark upon the process of designing and installing a hardscaping plan for your property, understanding the basics of retaining wall construction will give you a clearer idea of what it involves and why professional installation from our team is a good option for you.

Perkins Landscaping ’s Retaining Wall Construction Plans

All landscaping projects begin with a plan at Perkins Landscaping . We include a thorough understanding of the construction of your retaining walls and other hardscape features.

Our custom plans focus not just on the retaining wall itself but also how the feature will fit within the overall design plan of your custom landscape, including the rest of the grounds, the plantings, and the exterior of your home. Every element should be balanced, unified, and complementary.

Retaining Wall: Foundations and Structure

As with any structure, retaining walls begin from the ground up. Because these walls need to hold back heavy loads of soil, the base is installed below ground level and the depth increases with the height of the wall.

A solid base consists of several layers of soil and gravel that are compacted to offer the much-needed strength of your retaining wall.


Directly behind the wall, you’ll find backfill – gravel or other material at the base of the back of the wall. Over this gravel, our retaining wall experts place your previously excavated soil for added security.


Since one of the purposes of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion, the wall shouldn’t allow for water to pass through it. Drainage will be an essential part of your retaining wall construction with Perkins Landscaping .

We consider and inform you on any drainage alternatives that may be needed, such as weep holes or piping. All drainage options are carefully selected to fit the needs of your budget and the environment of your outdoor space.

Retaining Walls Built Strong in Kenner

Anyone with a strong back can stack up a ton of stone and build an aesthetically-appealing retaining wall. But it takes skill and planning to construct an attractive wall that can also handle immense pressure, shrug off the forces of gravity, stand for decades and withstand the forces of Mother Nature.

At Perkins Landscaping , we take your retaining wall seriously. Knowing how the wall will be constructed should help with your expectations. One of our landscape specialists who will be guiding your design plan will be able to help you choose materials that will work for your property, both functionally and aesthetically.

Whatever your hardscaping needs, you can be sure that the construction of your retaining walls will be sound, durable, and aesthetically appropriate for your high-quality landscape. Contact us at (504) 512-0928 to find out more about our custom retaining walls.