Perkins Landscaping  Leaf Removal
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We offer many special plans and maintenance packages to our residential and commercial clients.

Our premium package includes a monthly price for lawn care, annual pruning of shrubbery and ornamental , weed control and annual fertilization of your lawn and garden plants. Also offered in this package is the removal and changing out of winter and summer annuals twice per year.

Some clients don’t have or need lawn care and are just looking for just garden maintenance in which we will come out once or twice per month to maintain shrubs, weeds and mulch in your beds.

Perkins Landscaping  Leaf Removal

Just lawn care each month, which includes: cutting of the grass, line trimming of the lawn and walkways, and the removal of grass clippings, trash and debris, for a monthly fee.

  • Mechanical weeding @ $45 per hour, with monthly maintenance available
  • Lawn care starting @ $30 per visit $20 for front or back yard only customers
  • Special rates for customers with one or more neighbors needing lawn maintenance
  • 25% off monthly lawn care contracts
  • 35% off monthly combined lawn and garden maintenance contracts.